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Sunday, October 08, 2006
A New Beginning

Thanks for all those that have supported this Blog...WE ARE MOVING! As a team, we took the decision to move to our own Blog (one that we can manage) more effectively. Please continue to access our blog from SikhSpeak.Com/Blog

Our new blog will have more posts, downloads, pictures and alot more! Please change your bookmarks - OUR BLOG ADDRESS IS ALWAYS: SikhSpeak.Com/Blog

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Friday, October 06, 2006

4 Updates, check them out. Also, in the UK an akhandpath for our 3 brothers who passed away:

6th - 8th October
Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara
Park Ave.
Nearest Station: Paddington (Main Line) Buses: 120, E5, H32
Bhog: Sunday 9am (Main Hall)

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TheMeatrix.Com & TheMeatrix2.Com

This is not Sikhi related but funny, watch this go to there is also a

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SikhSpeak 1st Issue - Preview (2)

We gave you the nice new October Cover (see below) here's a sneaky peak at one of the kids's a small image so that people can't read it for now (",) The issue is due to be e-mailed on the weekend (God Willing).

We have called the Kids pages...COOL KHALSA KIDS

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Nice Download...Waheguru

Waheguru is GurMantar.
"It is the reference to the Almighty God; the Creator; the Supreme Soul; the Sustainer; etc. The word 'Waheguru' liertally means the "Wonderful Lord" in the Gurmukhi language. God has many names in Sikhism and Waheguru is probably the most important and the most common (SikhiWiki)."
I found this really nice download on EktaOne.Com, very nice and peaceful, it's by Bhai Niranjan Singh...DOWNLOAD IT and ENJOY! (Press me to download)

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
News - ASDA Mischief

(taken from forums; missed the October Edition, we may still run a small article on this in November)

Dear Sangat Jee,
We have been sadly informed by a local Gursikh (who wants to remain Gupt) in Coventry about the disturbing use of the Khanda on a toy distributed and made for by the Asda Supermarket chain which is owned by Wal Mart. The toy in question is made by Kids Connection, The name of the toy is Pirates Playset. The toy is produced for asda. The relevant barcode for the toy is 5050854489976. The Khanda is on the main flag and is upside down. This seems to be either deliberate mischief making or total ignorance on part of the Toy maker.

The Gursikh in question made a strong enough argument by himself within the store and to Asda head office that when other Gursikhs went to the same Asda Supermarket to investigate in Walsgrave in Coventry the Supermarket had withdrawn the toy. The Gursikh did speak to one of the main Asda buyers for toys, who turned out to be Indian his name was Raj/Rajesh he obviously didnt want to give his full name out. However this 'Raj' gave a lame excuse saying as the 'Khanda in the middle did not touch the top of the circle it is not a Khanda' he was quickly brought down to earth by the Gursikh.

This is was a excellent result and we encourage other Gursikhs to go to their Asda Supermarkets and make sure that they also withdraw the Toy from their shelves. Once the store realises the error they removed it. Show tact and confidence and they will totally back down. When we went on Friday we were informed the Asda HQ would be making a decision about the withdrawal of the Toy, if we can keep the pressure on them they will make the right decision and withdraw sale of the toy from alltheir UK/International stores and hopefully issue an apology.

The contact telephone number to express your disbelief/outrage is Asda House - 01132435435 or Freephone 0500100055.We advise those who ring not shout abuse or threats but make valid points on why a organisation where many Sikhs are employed, (we were served by at least 2 Punjabis/Sikhs at the that store) did not know that to put a religious symbol on a toy which represents Outlaws who sailed the seas robbing and slaughtering would cause hurt. Surely they have some sort of ethnic training in their co-orperation.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006
SikhSpeak 1st ISSUE - READY!!!!!!

That's right, I know we have been updating few and far between, but we do care! We have been getting everything ready for the first issue of the magazine (see front cover below). We are excited about it, and are happy with the final outcome. We are hoping in the coming months, as more people receive and become part of the mailing list, more and more people will contribute! This is a global iniative let's make it a Chardi Kalaa success! Tell ya mates NOW! Remember, only those on the mailing list will have access to the mag!


The Cover will change every month, something fresh and new!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006
Hooligan Football attack on Sikh

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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Kirtan Events (UK) in Rememberance

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Monday, September 25, 2006
Back To Their Father

This is something that I couldn't leave unmentioned. As I am sure many are aware three young GurSikhs passed away in the Lake District area (UK). Our thoughts go out to their families and friends. In our thoughts, prayers and ardaas.

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