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Friday, June 02, 2006
Sikh Speak - The FREE Sikhi e-Magazine

OK, I know this hasn't been updated been busy on other things (website mainly coming soon) and also finalising design and stuff! This BLOG will be updated very frequently in the coming months so watch this space! (PLUS, I know the layout is all distorted in IE gonna try and fix it asap)

Coming soon, the first free Sikhi e-Magazine directly to your inbox. Due to come out OCT 06, Sikh Speak will cover all issues.

What can you submit?
Here's a suggestion list:
  • Life experiences
  • Poems
  • Pics/Photos
  • Coverage of worldwide events
  • Social issues
  • Sikh issues in your local area
  • Sikh history
  • Your points of view
  • In profile - a look at a Sikh/Non-Sikh in the public eye, who has helped SIKHI
  • Real life issues
  • Issues relating to young Sikhs
  • Latest News
  • Posters/Artwork
  • Stuff for kids
  • Thoughts of the Month/Inspirational thoughts
  • Cartoon strips/toons
  • CD/DVD reviews [Sikhi related]
  • Sikh trivia: crosswords, word searches, suduku etc.


For more info or find out how to support/write for us: or download the performa to the right (UNDER "Our Files"). Also, help us spread the word.

WEBMASTERS/BLOGGERS we need your help, link to us from your sites, also let interested friends know!

Why OCTOBER? We're students and have got exams! Plus we need to secure funding, website, promotional stuff etc, etc.

What else can you do? E-Mail us at

Can you donate? Yes, we will have donations online soon!



by SikhSpeak @ 1:18 pm comments: 11


oooh, good luck with this project, maybe i can help out if i find time :)

Hey guys, this is a really good idea,and will be a great resource to us all,providing us with a range of imformation. I would encourage anyone that has time,to write in with comments or submit articles,in this way we will be able to learn from each other. I know we are all busy but it literally only takes 2mins to write a comment.

Well done to the sikhspeak team And kep up the good work!


Good luck with your endeavour. Please do feel free to use the Sikh pictures from my blog/flickr.

Also I have linked you in from my blog.

All the best

Great stuff !! can't wait for the first issue. Looking forward to it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jul 08, 04:39:00 pm 2006:

Sant Sipahi

Thank you Sant Sipahi, for those sites. They look like great projects perhaps we can support each other.

If the emphasis of the post was to bring to my attention we are not "1st" I bring to your attention "FREE," the magazines you listed above are SUBSCRIPTIONS i.e. YOU PAY FOR THEM.

Thanks Again,
Apologies for any mistakes,

Sounds like a good idea, nice to see something fresh and positive - Maybe I could help out...(",)

Gurcharan Singh

By Anonymous TeraRoop, at Sun Jul 09, 08:59:00 am 2006:
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Wish you all the best in this endeavor. May Guru Ji bless you with success in your intentions to inspire and educate. What you're doing is simply wonderful.


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jul 10, 01:00:00 am 2006:
hey, this is a really really good idea. i'd like to link to you, but i have a suggestion. if possible, could someone possibly make some linking button gifs that people could copy and paste the code onto their website? these make the link really stand out, plus it's easier for ppl when they have a code to copy and paste - and ppl are attracted to buttons ^_^.
good luck with the project!

Dear anon,

Thanks for your kind message. If you visit, in the next few days there will be some buttons to link to us VERY VERY soon, so please keep checking back. Alternatively, email us at, we can email them to you (once done)

Many thanks!

hey peeps,

oui oui c'est moi!! l'amrit dugalon!!

It was a an uphill struggle indeed to fond this website, but find it i did!! lol. only joking been really lazy.

brill idea and i'm sure it'll be a resource well read across the globe. so get those thinking caps omn guys and start writing articles, it's as much yours (the readers) as it is those that produce it(hopefully me one day can write an article.........)



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