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Monday, July 31, 2006
Some Downtime...

As you well know, SikhSpeak.Com is currently being designed (or rather, tested and tweaked as is the NEW BLOG design - ALL YOU NEED TO REMEMBER is SikhSpeak.Com; you can find everything from there, as we've linked it all up neatly).

Until then, the site maybe down temporarily as we do some server stuff (that's what I've been told, not that I understand what's going on, lol). I had an e-mail saying Subscribe@SikhSpeak.Com and Editor@SikhSpeak.Com, didn't work (that again was temporary) they seem to be ok now! Sorry for any problems etc. it's as frustrating for us as it is for you guys, just can't be helped - this is why I hate computers, lol.

Many Thanks & Chardi Kalaa,
SikhSpeak Team

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Saturday, July 29, 2006
When It All Falls Down...Start Again (",)

Gurfateh to everyone (I know there are people that visit cos we still gettin' 40 odd hits a day). The website is ready, and going up soon, the BLOG on the other hands is a pain! So, my good friend (Hardeep, who I've annoyed to heaven and back) is on the case... so thanks!

What's going to happen? The blog is gettin redesigned with the same feel as the website - the SikhSpeak web team feel this is the right approach, who am I to intefer, I am but a mere mortal (computer people think they know everything, lol) . Anyhow, just posting a lil' something, please do visit cos we are coming soon!!! Webmasters/Bloggers please do link us to you (Use Only SikhSpeak.Com, we will provide Buttons real soon, I promise). Remember, e-mail Subscribe@SikhSpeak.Com to be on the mailing list, and august newsletter is out very, very soon, till then here's a lil squizzle:

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
All Goin' - But Slightly Wrong!

Gurfateh to all the sangat out there!

OK we've had set backs and then some more set backs! Didn't get any time to sort this BLOG out or update - AND I STILL KNOW IT LOOKS MESSED UP IN I.E. (as my good friend Hardeep reminded me only 75% of the world use IE, lol). Also, the website will be coming up soon (it's not finished but we'll add to it by late august its gonna be finished (WITH HIS GRACE!). I also wanted to touch on this new hukam from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib but fear a massive debate so I'll just link you to it - [I MUST SAY PANTHIC.ORG is such a great, great place]

OK, weekend was kinda non-porductive had too babysit (my 18 year old sister lol - THANKS FOR THE MASALA CHA Gurkiran - I get kinda cranky without Tea in the morning, and my own tea tastes errrrrrr, lol)...enough ramblings from me, i just wanted to post a lil' suttin and also say thanks to all those GurSikhs worldwide who have sent in positive e-mails (see I told you I reply to each one) and also to all those who want to help - CAN'T WAIT! A worldwide Sikh Speak Team ..... sounds promising! :)

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Friday, July 21, 2006
More Work....

Gurfateh to everyone...I know updates are still few and far between but we are working on it. The website is in alpha stage of production [i.e. a design is there or there abouts] also we've had zillions of e-mails and met a few interested people, who would love to write - GOOD STUFF (scroll down for more). As soon as the site is sorted, the blog will be updated almost every day or so. [I know the BLOG is a bit bodged up in IE try and use Mozilla FireFox - this needs to be fixed]

I have been looking at the map (see bottom) we have been gettin' hits from all over (Brazil?) :) really nice too see! REMEMBER TELL YA MATES AND FAMILY!!!

(blog address for some reason and don't seem to want to forward correctly (We are on the case).

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Saturday, July 15, 2006
Lion Of Punjab Play

Just got back from an interesting play - Maharaja Ranjit Singh "Lion of Punjab." I really know zero about life after Guru Gobind Singh Ji so it was a great chance to learn something! To be honest I'm not a theatre goer and have only ever seen one thing (Bombay Dreams - which I hated!), so I really didn't know what to expect. The audience was very mixed and the theatre was full! :)

The play lasted about 1h30 (ish) and the time flew by, there were things I learnt that I didn't know, so for me that was money well spent :)

I may do a little review on it for the next newsletter, if I don't I will post another post! I would recommend all to see it if you can (see the flyers below). It's rare that these kind of things happen about our history and heritage so I would say support those involved!

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Sikh Speak Update Part 2

Ok, sorted out the forwarding issue NOW JUST REMEMBER THIS SIMPLE BLOG ADDRESS: [EASY PEEZY] - tell your friends/family!

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