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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
All Goin' - But Slightly Wrong!

Gurfateh to all the sangat out there!

OK we've had set backs and then some more set backs! Didn't get any time to sort this BLOG out or update - AND I STILL KNOW IT LOOKS MESSED UP IN I.E. (as my good friend Hardeep reminded me only 75% of the world use IE, lol). Also, the website will be coming up soon (it's not finished but we'll add to it by late august its gonna be finished (WITH HIS GRACE!). I also wanted to touch on this new hukam from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib but fear a massive debate so I'll just link you to it - [I MUST SAY PANTHIC.ORG is such a great, great place]

OK, weekend was kinda non-porductive had too babysit (my 18 year old sister lol - THANKS FOR THE MASALA CHA Gurkiran - I get kinda cranky without Tea in the morning, and my own tea tastes errrrrrr, lol)...enough ramblings from me, i just wanted to post a lil' suttin and also say thanks to all those GurSikhs worldwide who have sent in positive e-mails (see I told you I reply to each one) and also to all those who want to help - CAN'T WAIT! A worldwide Sikh Speak Team ..... sounds promising! :)

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