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Saturday, July 29, 2006
When It All Falls Down...Start Again (",)

Gurfateh to everyone (I know there are people that visit cos we still gettin' 40 odd hits a day). The website is ready, and going up soon, the BLOG on the other hands is a pain! So, my good friend (Hardeep, who I've annoyed to heaven and back) is on the case... so thanks!

What's going to happen? The blog is gettin redesigned with the same feel as the website - the SikhSpeak web team feel this is the right approach, who am I to intefer, I am but a mere mortal (computer people think they know everything, lol) . Anyhow, just posting a lil' something, please do visit cos we are coming soon!!! Webmasters/Bloggers please do link us to you (Use Only SikhSpeak.Com, we will provide Buttons real soon, I promise). Remember, e-mail Subscribe@SikhSpeak.Com to be on the mailing list, and august newsletter is out very, very soon, till then here's a lil squizzle:

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jul 30, 12:57:00 am 2006:
Claudia said...

I'm a sejahdhari Brazilian Sikh who wants to help implementing a traditional Sikh Center in Brazil in order to teach Gurbani and Gurmat.

I'm able to help finding legal and accounting support for such projects here as well as teaching Portuguese for future missionaries.

I also can help posting articles in this blog.

I can send my resume under request.

As I'm single I'd be honored to meet a true Gursikh and
we get married according to Anand Karaj.


Claudia Gaspar

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jul 30, 02:41:00 pm 2006:
May I say that Sikh Speak is a great initiative. In terms of matrimonials, you might have better luck on other sites such as


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