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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
GurSikh Speed Meeting - You Read Right!

Next Meeting in Toronto (Canada)
Saturday, September 2nd

Register right away to attend

Due to popular demand, GurSikh Speed Meeting is taking the show on the road with the first stop in Canada and then the West Coast!!

Good relationships are built on understanding, communication and trust. We all know that only happens face-to-face. GurSikh Speed Meetings provide a way for individuals to meet with other GurSikhs one-on-one to see if there is that "CLICK".

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that the 2nd GurSikh Speed Meeting event conducted in NYC on July 21st was extremely successful. We have received over 400 emails to date from individuals from various age groups and different countries showing interest and support! The energy, feedback, patronage, optimism, etc. that was shown prior to, following and at both events has been consistent and incredible! Participants attended from Australia, Toronto, California, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia, as well as New York and New Jersey.

The main purpose of the present seva is to formalise a meeting process for Gursikh individuals. Embracing modern concepts and utilising technology, the concept of GurSikh Speed Meeting involves:
  1. An equal number of Sardars and Sardarnis need to register
  2. Each Sardarni will spend a number of minutes chatting to a Sardar
  3. The Sardars will rotate after the specified number of minutes and chat with the next Sardarni
  4. All Sardars and Sardarnis will have a chance to chat
  5. Each individual will decide if they "CLICK" with who they chatted with
If there is an agreed "CLICK", GurSikhSpeedMeeting will facilitate an exchange of details

Due to the interest shown and the success of the NYC meetings, we are planning other events in several geographic locations. In addition, we will be narrowing the age range and offering several different groups the opportunity to meet in future events beginning after California. See schedule below.

  • New York City Pilot – Sunday, April 30th – SUCCESS!
  • New York City – Friday, July 21st - SUCCESS!
  • Toronto – Saturday, September 2nd
  • San Francisco - November 18th or 19th pending venue availability
  • Chicago - 2007
  • London - 2007

    Do not miss your opportunity! There are a limited number of seats and based on the previous events, they do go quick, first come-first serve, so
    reserve your seat today!

    Who: YOU
    When: Saturday, September 2nd
    Where: Venue in Toronto

    We would like to focus only on Gursikhs between the ages of 28 and 40 years, so please register accordingly.
    * The registration period for the NYC meeting will close on August 26th.

    To register/ or request further information, please send an email to specifying the location of interest, so that we can include you on all communication.

    Thank you and Gur Fateh!!
From Sikhnet.Com and SikhSpeed.Com

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
BBC Asian Network NOW!

Listen to now, they are talking about Sikhs and Kirpans and security. This is a really interesting debate!

Caught the last 20minutes odd, from what I could make out there was Harjinder Singh and someone called Rahul. The debate did get quite heated at one point (with someone on the air making quite strange remarks); however, the last 2 callers (both Amritdhari Sikhs) and working at Heathrow, hit the nail on the head. I also know, security at Heathrow has always been pretty tight. I am hoping that the UK Government respect the sentiments of Sikhs and appreciate the fact that we are not a "security" threat, especially considering a massive percentage of airport staff are Sikhs.

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Monday, August 28, 2006
EktaOne.Com Event

To all the UK Sangat...A Rehansbhai in Birmingham...The line up is pretty impressive with alot of Internationall reknowned Ragis, check it out...Best of all its on a Saturday so everyone can make it (",)

Read more at:

P.S. Donations are online at SikhSpeak.Com and we also are going to be introducing a worldwide events page, where events can be entered for all to see...more later. Gurfateh Ji!

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Friday, August 25, 2006
Star Wars

Just got sent a completly random picture, thought it was semi-interesting so posting it (you get the idea behind it...):

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Up To Speed

Gurfateh to all. Congratulations to all those whose hardwork paid off with excellent GCSE results! Secondly, thanks to all the nice e-mails and remember to sign-up to the magazine at SikhSpeak.Com (Spread the word however you can). Lastly, a huge thanks to The SikhSpeak.Com team for creating such a nice site (on top of other things, lol). The website is almost, almost at near completion...and we've stuck to the time we're happy! More in-depth/detailed posts in the coming days...

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
A Short One...

Just a quick Good Luck to all the 16year Old UK Kids, collecting their GCSE results, hope it goes well. Gurfateh Ji!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I often scour google video and youtube for nice/inspirational Sikhi videos. Doing a magazine (or trying) means that we are using media as best we can. So, I often like seeing what other original things people do. I especially like video; I notice although many Sikhs are employed in the field of I.T. and Computing, it is very rare that they utilise their gift to do something productive or educational. However, I do know of a few cases;,, are all excellent films (2 are animated, GREAT FOR KIDS). If you haven't already you need to purchase these (they are pretty cheap). There are also a couple of great video sites (located in links). Tomorrow, I will put up the small features we did for these movies a while back...Gurfateh!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Tuesday's Ramblings

If you live in the UK (or don't), you may have been reading about certain events taking place regarding and outside of a certain Sikhi Camp. As, we here at SikhSpeak don't have any facts, we didn't want to speculate, hence heaven't said anything (in reply to 3 e-mails received). God bless all!

Today, is another Tuesday! Nothing really interesting to put up, so just putting up the SikhiWiki.Org entry for SikhSpeak we did. Search for "SikhSpeak." Other than that we have now sorted out online donations on SikhSpeak.Com so feel free to donate (or not). Trasnfering over to the blog soon, no doubt. Also, more coming with the kids page, I have some pictures, that I can put up in due course. Remember, spread the SikhSpeak word, we have had enormous help from certain websites, thank you for everything we get! More tomorrow, God Willing.... Gurfateh!

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Monday, August 21, 2006
Artwork Collage

Was playing about thought this looked cool, so here is [Images are from AkaalMedia]:

The second one is a collage of SikhSpeak wallpapers; we still doin' them until we choose the ones we are happy with (thanks to Simran), but thought we'd share the lil' collage!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Free CD [KhalsaRevolution.Com]

FREE CD! I haven't downloaded or heard it yet, so I don't know what it's like. Just saw this website and so I thought people may find it interesting (or not). Please visit their site for the CD. Seems a youthful attempt at something constructive and productive.

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We now have a Kids page up and running and are looking for material for children. Please visit the page for more information, the rest of the website is on it's way, just finalising things and making sure it looks nice and works! Please visit SikhSpeak.Com/Support.html if you would like to help SikhSpeak!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006
General Sikh Information

I found this leaflet, scanned it. It's a real good place to start to learn, it's got all the general facts that are important, take a look [Click to enlarge]:

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Friday, August 18, 2006
Sikh Fundraisers To Restore Eyesight

A charitable organization looking to provide the gift of sight to people in India is fundraising in Surrey for a new eye hospital.

Anup Singh Jubbal, president of Canadian Eyesight International, wants to raise $500,000 to build a state of the art facility which will perform cataract surgeries, conduct eye clinics, and host education and training programs in the Amritsar district of India.

"This hospital is crucial and we need the support of the community," said Mr Jubbal, also a member of the Rotary Club Surrey-Guildford.

Eye surgery costs just $35 and blindness is 80 per cent preventable with good nutrition, sanitation, medicine or surgery, said Jubbal. "But eye operations are beyond the reach of the average person in India."

Project Eyesight India, under the auspices of Eyesight International and in cooperation with local doctors, has been conducting eye clinics and cataract surgeries in India since 1989.

Cataracts are the result of a darkening of the eye's lens which can be caused by the rubella virus, trauma to the eye, and aging. With surgery, impaired vision can be rectified by a lens implant.

Supported by Rotary clubs in Canada and India, a number of Sikh temples, and the Indian-Canadian community, the project has restored sight to or performed surgery on close to 43,000 people and treated thousands more for avoidable blindness, said Jubbal.

The project was recently donated a 24,000-sq.-ft. building by a local charitable organization and Jubbal is now fundraising to establish a permanent hospital and preventable blindness centre.

Jubbal said people in Surrey can also arrange to host and fund an eye clinic and surgeries in their home villages provided they raise the money to fund 100 surgeries, or a total of $3,500.
"They can even go to India and participate in the eye clinics and get their relations to attend," said Jubbal.

The next eye clinic to be held in the district will take place in August. The organization will spread the word to all the surrounding villages within a five- to 10-mile radius, and everyone regardless of age, ethnicity or religion can attend.

The organization is planning a fundraising dinner in Surrey in November.

For more information visit

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Nice E-Mails [RajKaregaKhalsa.Net]

Gurfateh, firstly good luck to all today!

I thought I would share a nice e-mail I got today, was a bit bizarre and nice, but made me smile, it's when you get a mail like this everything seems worthwhile (was having a hard day, God works in wonderful ways):

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh,
Something about SikhSpeak seems very familiar do i know the sewadars or something to do with you somehow? i visited the site and it felt like i'd come home! wow....
I'm going to stare at your website for a while now... :-)
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

It made me laugh and smile thanks to the sender - (I'm sure he won't mind) RajKaregaKhalsa.Net [A Fantastic Site]

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SikhSangat.Com have kindly put us as "Web of the Month" for this month. Take a visit if you wish, hope you enjoyed the August Newsletter. Hope all is well, and that you guys like the different updates...Working hard on some new website pages (for SikhSpeak.Com) and trying to finalise a few other bits n bobs, all good though.

In the UK, tomorrow is a pretty stressful day for all 18year olds going to get their A-Level grades and entering in University....Good Luck to all of you and whatever happens, happens for the best!


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Hemkunt Sahib Pt 3 [Pt 1/2 Below]


It was here I feel (I don’t wanna sound all cliché) but my life’s most pivotal event happened. I was thinking, as you do, “you haven’t come to India in 10 years and you spent 5 days going to Hemkunt Sahib, next time I come, I don’t think I will come to Hemkunt.” No sooner did I think this, my horse went over the cliff! Doesn’t sound all that, it was an altitude of about 10,000ft! Basically, I would have been SPLAT! Can you believe that on that exact spot where the horse went over, there was a tree, the horse fell in the tree and my left leg was attached to the saddle. At that point, I didn’t know what to think, I was pretty sorry

Told my mum what had happened, she was pretty upset, told my dad, his response was “koi nahin.” So we finally got to Hemkunt, COLD! We did ishnaan, BELIEVE THE WATER WAS COLD!!!!!! Tried to do 5 pauris of Japji sahib got as far as the mool mantra. IT WAS REALLY COLD! We also sat inside the Gurdwara looked around and also just visited the Lakshman Temple (next door). We had some tea, IT TASTED GOOD! And then we were on our way back, the oxygen is so little, it’s really, really hard to breath (that’s not an exaggeration). So, the trip down was pretty uneventful, lol. Apart from the fact it got dark pretty quick and we were walking in the dark – we really couldn’t see ANYTHING! Lucky, we had some locals helping. We met one chardi kalaa baba (from India), he just kept us entertained. I think secretly, he was quite happy to see “foreign” Singhs that looked like Singhs.

So, after the night rest at the Gurdwara we set back towards Panjab. Could anything else happen, YOU BET! We got stuck in a landslide – 8hours in the HEAT on a roadside, obviously no food, no drink and no toilets. So what were we given? CUCUMBERS! That’s right cucumbers! People are funny in India. I gotta admit they kept us going, 8 hours later the army came and blew up the boulders with dynamite, finally, the trip home. I still had my headache, temperature and was sick all over the shop. As soon, as we left the mountain area…I was ok! On the way back I remember 2 events; just when you thought the fun had stopped. 1) A Singh (with a pug) being a barber?!?!?! EY? Exactly!

2) When driving through UP some Sikhs (from Delhi, you know this from their number plates on their jeeps) had slapped some locals (for whatever reason) and so were carted off.

We got back to Panjab, and it was nice. All the previous few days seemed a bit surreal to me, kinda hard to take it in, so much happened to me personally. Anyhow, I learnt a bit about the history, the place was pretty cool. I didn’t go there as a “pilgrimage” cos as Sikhs we don’t believe in that or not supposed to, but visiting Hemkunt Sahib was a bit like a once in a lifetime opportunity and the trekking was also pretty cool! The point of this post…there isn’t one really. Just thought I’d share my lil trip…hope you enjoyed, Check Google for Hemkunt sources…. I know ITS ONE LONG RAMBLING!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Hemkunt Sahib Pt 2 [Pt 1 Below]


Got up at some Godly hour, probably 4am and set off on our journey. This is funny, all through going up towards the mountains and on the sides of the roads there are these really funny boards, for some reason (probably cos we found them funny) we all remember them, they were like “if you love her you will slow down,” and “drive slow if you care,” point being they were SOOOOOOO corny and just made us laugh – you get the idea. Some time passed, and we reached the 1st Gurdwara on the way to Hemkunt…Gobind Dham (I think) we set off I think it was 12Km walk to the next Gurdwara and nearest to Hemkunt – Gobind Ghat. We reached there pretty late at night and so again rested. One problem I have is that they know so many people are going to come WHY DON’T THEY HAVE DECENT FACILITIES – I WOULD ADVISE anyone going to Hemkunt to just rent out a hotel room, or something. I’m not a fussy person BUT the facilities were simply DISGUSTING! Anyhow rant over…moving on, we set off for the trip we arrived early 0400 as the river Ganges woke us up (believe it’s loud at 80mph).

We crossed the 1st bridge and my mum gave us all some glucose sweets (why, I don’t know, but she did). The funniest thing was my brother ‘Ravi Sidhu’ decided he would finish them all in 4minutes, basically, we took the mick out of him all through the route. So, we carried on walking and soon I was alone at the front with no one behind me…so I carried on walking and walking. At about 0900, I got a bit scared and so just chilled on some bit of rock and admired the beautiful view. It was a bit foggy, but the range is brilliant – you can see so much! The locals were all sort of looking at me a bit funny, I don’t know why, or maybe that was my paranoia. Although, about a week ago there had been some trouble with some Delhi Singhs slapping a local and basically the locals ran riot! So, I waited and waited and waited some more…at like 11am my taiya bopped up the hill (I have to admit I was pretty happy to see him, I was just thinking Singh lost in the Himalayas, lol). So, we met up at the next “dhaba” type thing and had some Cha (tea) BOY I LOVE ME MASALA CHA!

Dad his sisters and my cousins all met up too. Then Dad had a brainwave, he decided to rent out horses (I wasn’t best pleased cos I wanted to walk) but Dad decided it would save a day and that we could visit other Gurdwaras – I RELUCTANTLY agreed. So, there we were on these horses, I must have had the lame one cos it was going all over the shop….right to left to right….. I was pretty annoyed and a bit anxious. It was at this point I had the mother of all headaches and it just didn’t go away, to make it worse it started raining pretty heavily. The local native was pretty annoying cos he kept going on about Madhuri Dixit. My bro Ravi Sidhu (this is his alias name by the way) also had a stupid horse, in fact, he just kept saying “Waheguru” all the way he was so scared. So, there I was wet, horse, tired, anxious, and annoyed and my memory card (for me camera falls and horse breaks it – GREAT!), muddy floor and all….So we plodded along…..

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Monday, August 14, 2006
My Trip To Hemkunt Sahib Pt 1

Over the next few days (because it's a long story) I will bring to you my travels to Hemkunt Sahib in 2003. It was pretty eventful, for me at least......

In the summer of 2003, I had finished my 1st year of medical school and passed, it was a miracle. None the less, I was both apprehensive and excited; I was going back to Panjab (after 10 years). Anyhow, before we left from here (London), my family and I were talking and we discussed how we’d all like to go to Hemkunt Sahib (and get in as many Gurdwaras in the short time we were in India). Basically, it was 2 weeks of Gurdwara tripping – which was well cool but extremely TIRING!

So, one early Monday morning (I think it was around 0300, that’s AM for those that don’t know, lol) we set off towards Hemkunt Sahib. There were 2 jeeps full of peeps, namely, my mum, dad, me and my 3 brothers – kinda exciting, a bit like venturing into the unknown. We stopped via Harmandir Sahib first which was nice.

Boy, if you think the trip to Birmingham is LONG this takes the biscuit – lol. We got to Chandigarh after 3ish hours and passed Pizza Hut, I’m mentioning this as this was pretty much the highlight of going through Panjab. Anyhow, to cut the route a bit short we were EXTREMLY BORED and cooped up in August, the weather was crazy! We stopped for drinks every 1hourish, and at the time there was some “eye flu” thing going on in India so some family members had constant running eyes, you get the idea. For some reason, everyone in India thinks the cure for EVERYTHING is Limca (Sprite/ 7-Up wannabe). Gotta admit it’s pretty refreshing though. So, we plodded along in these jeeps (which the drivers couldn’t drive…standard Indian driving). We thanked God about a million times when we ventured through to Sri Nagar and were getting closer to our destination. I can’t remember properly (as it was 3 years ago) but we stayed at a Gurdwara here, for the night and just kipped on the floor, it was cold, hard BUT AT THAT POINT WE DIDN’T CARE, WE WERE SO TIRED! My phuffar (dad’s sister’s husband) brought us some Sholay and Puris (as the Gurdwara stopped serving Langar as it was passed 9pm? This was a definite first for me) – anyhow, next day…..

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Sunday, August 13, 2006
I Am Blind....

I was watching an old panjabi-esque film that my cousin gave to me (Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam) and it's got this real nice shabad, so I thought I'd post it, also I wanted to know what it meant, so I put the image up...(from SikhiToTheMax)....Bhagat Namdev, Page 727...

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Grace...Sahib Singh

Normally, I post something related to Sikhi, but today I'd thought I'd post a cute picture of my new(ish) cousin Sahib Singh (there was a lot of debate around his name). Sahib is my Mamma's 1st son, and probably one of the happiest kids I have ever met! Hardly ever crys! Anyways heres one of his mischievious smiles whilst he's in his lil speedo car. Really cute kid...can't wait till we put a lil pug on him (we already want to put a better one for a pic).

Also, in other news, thanks for the handful of bloggers that have kindly "button linked" to us, we know who you are and appreciate the support. P.S. You may notice a slight change in blog design may or may not.... Gurfateh!

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Friday, August 11, 2006
Your View? Good/Bad?

This is a shabad by Akshay Kumar (bollywood star), not overally impressed, what do you think of it? Let us know...only a short post for today. PLEASE CHECK OUT SIKHSPEAK.COM and also SUPPORT US WITH THE BUTTONS BELOW (more info on support page - SikhSpeak.Com)

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Helping Us, Help You!

Dear Sangat Ji,
We desperately need your help...We are trying to do something free and big, and so we want to try and share the magazine with as many people as possible. This is where we need your help, please, please LINK TO US from your website and blog. Why not do a feature on us or a small post about the magazine. We are really counting on some cyber support from all the thousands of websites/blogs. We have included some buttons (and our logo and banner) underneath please, please link to SikhSpeak.Com (and not our blog).

There are 6 seperate buttons:

Banner & Logo (in case you want to put a big design, re-scalable):

and...I leave you with a beautiful shabad from Bhagat Ravi Das Ji
(download from

AMg 658
ang 658
Page 658

suK swgru surqr icMqwmin kwmDynu bis jw ky ]
sukh saagur suruthur chinthaaman kaamudhaen bas jaa kae
He is the ocean of peace; the miraculous tree of life, the wish-fulfilling jewel, and the Kaamadhayna, the cow which fulfills all desires, all are in His power.

cwir pdwrQ Ast dsw isiD nv iniD kr ql qw ky ]1]
chaar pudhaaruth asutt dhusaa sidh nuv nidh kur thul thaa kae
The four great blessings, the eighteen supernatural spiritual powers of the Siddhas, and the nine treasures, are all in the palm of His hand. ||1||

hir hir hir n jpih rsnw ]
har har har n jupehi rusunaa
You do not chant with your tongue the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har.

Avr sB iqAwig bcn rcnw ]1] rhwau ]
avur subh thiaag buchun ruchunaa
Abandon your involvement in all other words. ||1||Pause||

nwnw iKAwn purwn byd ibiD cauqIs AKr mWhI ]
naanaa khiaan puraan baedh bidh chouthees akhur maahee
The various Shaastras, Puranaas, and the Vedas of Brahma, are made up of thirty-four letters.

ibAws ibcwir kihE prmwrQu rwm nwm sir nwhI ]2]
biaas bichaar kehiou purumaaruth raam naam sar naahee
After deep contemplation, Vyaas spoke of the supreme objective; there is nothing equal to the Lord's Name. ||2||

shj smwiD aupwiD rhq Puin bfY Bwig ilv lwgI ]
sehuj sumaadh oupaadh rehuth fun buddai bhaag liv laagee
Very fortunate are those who are absorbed in celestial bliss, and released from their entanglements; they are lovingly attached to the Lord.

kih rivdws pRgwsu irdY Dir jnm mrn BY BwgI ]3]4]
kehi ravidhaas prugaas ridhai dhar junum murun bhai bhaagee
Says Ravi Daas, enshrine the Lord's Light within your heart, and your fear of birth and death shall run away from you. ||3||4||

jau qum igirvr qau hm morw ]
jo thum girivur tho hum moraa
If You are the mountain, Lord, then I am the peacock.

jau qum cMd qau hm Bey hY ckorw ]1]
jo thum chundh tho hum bheae hai chukoraa
If You are the moon, then I am the partridge in love with it. ||1||

mwDvy qum n qorhu qau hm nhI qorih ]
maadhuvae thum n thoruhu tho hum nehee thorehi
O Lord, if You will not break with me, then I will not break with You.

qum isau qoir kvn isau jorih ]1] rhwau ]
thum sio thor kuvun sio jorehi
For, if I were to break with You, with whom would I then join? ||1||Pause||

jau qum dIvrw qau hm bwqI ]
jo thum dheevuraa tho hum baathee
If You are the lamp, then I am the wick.

jau qum qIrQ qau hm jwqI ]2]
jo thum theeruth tho hum jaathee
If You are the sacred place of pilgrimage, then I am the pilgrim. ||2||

swcI pRIiq hm qum isau jorI ]
saachee preeth hum thum sio joree
I am joined in true love with You, Lord.

qum isau joir Avr sMig qorI ]3]
thum sio jor avur sung thoree
I am joined with You, and I have broken with all others. ||3||

jh jh jwau qhw qyrI syvw ]
jeh jeh jaao thehaa thaeree saevaa
Wherever I go, there I serve You.

qum so Twkuru Aauru n dyvw ]4]
thum so thaakur aour n dhaevaa
There is no other Lord Master than You, O Divine Lord. ||4||

qumry Bjn ktih jm PWsw ]
thumurae bhujun kuttehi jum faasaa
Meditating, vibrating upon You, the noose of death is cut away.

Bgiq hyq gwvY rivdwsw ]5]5]
bhugath haeth gaavai ravidhaasaa
To attain devotional worship, Ravi Daas sings to You, Lord. ||5||5||

Also, check the video underneath (today's a long post day, lol).... For more info: General@SikhSpeak.Com

Immortality (Courtesy AkaalMedia.Blogspot.Com)
A cool video of Amrit Sanchaar...looking good for the Sikhnet film festival

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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Mixing It Up

Gurfateh to one and all! Hope you enjoyed those vids, theres 1 more coming tomorrow (a real cool one so make sure you come back!). I like to mix up what I put on the blog, hopefully, there's something for everyone.

I am in the process of writing up my visit to Hemkunt Sahib in 2003 where to put it mildly there were "some events." It really was a real experience of a lifetime (not jus like everyone says - SO MUCH HAPPENED) - the closest for me ever! I was trying to find my pictures, but I don't know where I put them...why such a random (old) post...I read something on Lakhvir Singh's blog which reminded me of that week (check out his cool the links).

OK, remember SikhSpeak.Com - FOR REGISTERING FOR THE MAGAZINE, MUCH MORE LATER... More kids stuff is on the way too, in the process of "freshening it up" everyday! (".) So, please leave some comments....

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Blade Battle - Gatka Animation

Agh, what the hey, it was going to be an "educational" posting day, but this is WAY TO COOL FOR SCHOOL (Sorry, sad, I know, lol). Remember, to leave some comments...More later

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How To Tie A Basic Dastaar/Turban

Update for Thursday...something a bit different, maybe for the kids who can't yet tie their turban/daastar :)

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
New Day...New Post [Updated]

Gurfateh everybody, hope all is well, wherever you are! I have been a bit of a demon on youtube and google video recently found lot's of random/funny and some inspirational things! (I might post some of the vids tomorrow). For now, I thought I'd share something about Kirtaan, a really nice poster for y'all to print out and enjoy! There's some real nice kirtaan available from and, for those of you who don't know.

Don't forget to visit www.SikhSpeak.Com for RE-REGISTERING on the new mailing list (we need to shift all our people over, there's lots of you). Remember, to tell your friends/family too! We need your help in this one! All you need to do is, enter your name/e-mail, click the confirmation e-mail! THAT'S ALL (we are aware of a small fault, this doesn't affect signups!)

On that note, I'll leave you guys, remember for the Westsiders (UK); The Alice Way Gurdwara Session is TONIGHT! Take your lil brothers and sisters etc. Miss it, Miss out!

UPDATE: I couldn't leave it at that...after England's 1st Test win since the ashes, the English papers have been raving about Monty Panesar, thought I'd add my bit, and how Monty is raising the profile (Article in August NL) for Sikhs here. Not only is he consistently taking wickets (of big players) but in the UK he is now FAVOURITE, yes, FAVOURITE to take the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (".) He is fast becoming a cult hero, the best part - HE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A SIKH! Now all we need is a football player (Soccer for the Americans).

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Monday, August 07, 2006
SikhSpeak.Com...Live & Active!

Dear brothers and sisters,

SikhSpeak.Com is now live and active! We have started off with jus the basics, but we will be adding the rest of our pages soon.

So, you can now signup for the mailing list, using the automated service on the website (see pic left - blue box). If you have already subscribed before (manually) please sign up again using the website! Sorry, about that!

Hope you enjoy the website and continue visiting the SikhSpeak Blog. More later. Gurfateh!

Don't forget - "Simran at Sunset" on Weds 9th! You know you wanna be there! [For more details scroll down...]

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Sikhi Camp (SGSS, Southall)

Check it out (local, UK people) - Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara camp, for kids (5-16), for more information visit

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10 Things God Won't Ask

I normally hate those annoying forwards; but this one (sent to me a while back), was kinda interesting, I thought I'd just share it, here is, now that the blog is working I'll be updating regularly with all sorts! So keep visiting.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Some Exciting News...SikhSpeak.Com ONLINE

Yup diddly doo da! It should be online very soon (waiting on the hosting, so can't give a day, it's ready though). Please visit, I can't stress how much pain, time, effort and disagreements have been made (yes people, 2hours arguing about a colour, I don't want to go into this one) really, really excited, it's kinda nice when something starts to come together. When I, and my friends, decided to undergo this project, we definetly underestimated it bigtime! But hey, you gotta be a fighter...carry on.... so here is, www.SikhSpeak.Com also we will add the remaining pages day-by-day (should be done and dusted within a week or so)

P.S. I can't believe no one replied to the DVD post below (someone, somewhere must have a VHS/VCD/DVD of it - I really need it!)

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Blog Fixed For Internet Explorer

Yeeeeeeeah, it all works now, a fully operational Blog (thanks Sukhmani Bhenji). Will try and keep you up-to-date with the latest. Thanks for all the positive e-mails, subscribe to the magazine (we have about 500+ at the moment) so tell your friends ALL OVER! Subscribe@SikhSpeak.Com

In other news, SikhSpeak.Com will (should be going online soon). This is not the completed version, just the basics for now, we will continue to add to it as the month goes on, this way we will have it up and running by the time the magazines out. We decided on a nice, sleek, elegant finish (not to over the top). Gotta thank my good friend Hardeep for this one, thanks!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Unusual Request..USA Peeps

This is a bit of an unusual request/post. I am after a film released ONLY IN USA on DVD called Dukh Bhajan (Bhanjan) Tera Naam (1974). It is the story of Dukh Bhanjan beri (tree) in Harmandir Sahib.

I need this (for my gran) it was released by SOVEN/SAMRAT Entertainment [and I have ordered from about 5 different online stores] no one has it in stock. I WAS HOPING SOMEONE COULD SOURCE IT FOR ME FROM PERHAPS A LOCAL U.S. STORE? Please let me know, many thanks!


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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Bored For the Hols...Don't Be!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Come, Chill and Enjoy an Evening with Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji on:

Wednesday 9th August 2006
Between: 7.30-9pm
@ Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha - Hounslow
Alice Way, Hanworth Road,
Hounslow, Middx.
TW3 3UA, UK.

• Projector screen to show English translation
• Live English katha by Guest Keertanee
• Chips Pasta and Beans for Guru Ka Langar
• Bring all your friends and family
• Everyone welcome


See you there,
For further info contact

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