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Friday, August 11, 2006
Helping Us, Help You!

Dear Sangat Ji,
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and...I leave you with a beautiful shabad from Bhagat Ravi Das Ji
(download from

AMg 658
ang 658
Page 658

suK swgru surqr icMqwmin kwmDynu bis jw ky ]
sukh saagur suruthur chinthaaman kaamudhaen bas jaa kae
He is the ocean of peace; the miraculous tree of life, the wish-fulfilling jewel, and the Kaamadhayna, the cow which fulfills all desires, all are in His power.

cwir pdwrQ Ast dsw isiD nv iniD kr ql qw ky ]1]
chaar pudhaaruth asutt dhusaa sidh nuv nidh kur thul thaa kae
The four great blessings, the eighteen supernatural spiritual powers of the Siddhas, and the nine treasures, are all in the palm of His hand. ||1||

hir hir hir n jpih rsnw ]
har har har n jupehi rusunaa
You do not chant with your tongue the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har.

Avr sB iqAwig bcn rcnw ]1] rhwau ]
avur subh thiaag buchun ruchunaa
Abandon your involvement in all other words. ||1||Pause||

nwnw iKAwn purwn byd ibiD cauqIs AKr mWhI ]
naanaa khiaan puraan baedh bidh chouthees akhur maahee
The various Shaastras, Puranaas, and the Vedas of Brahma, are made up of thirty-four letters.

ibAws ibcwir kihE prmwrQu rwm nwm sir nwhI ]2]
biaas bichaar kehiou purumaaruth raam naam sar naahee
After deep contemplation, Vyaas spoke of the supreme objective; there is nothing equal to the Lord's Name. ||2||

shj smwiD aupwiD rhq Puin bfY Bwig ilv lwgI ]
sehuj sumaadh oupaadh rehuth fun buddai bhaag liv laagee
Very fortunate are those who are absorbed in celestial bliss, and released from their entanglements; they are lovingly attached to the Lord.

kih rivdws pRgwsu irdY Dir jnm mrn BY BwgI ]3]4]
kehi ravidhaas prugaas ridhai dhar junum murun bhai bhaagee
Says Ravi Daas, enshrine the Lord's Light within your heart, and your fear of birth and death shall run away from you. ||3||4||

jau qum igirvr qau hm morw ]
jo thum girivur tho hum moraa
If You are the mountain, Lord, then I am the peacock.

jau qum cMd qau hm Bey hY ckorw ]1]
jo thum chundh tho hum bheae hai chukoraa
If You are the moon, then I am the partridge in love with it. ||1||

mwDvy qum n qorhu qau hm nhI qorih ]
maadhuvae thum n thoruhu tho hum nehee thorehi
O Lord, if You will not break with me, then I will not break with You.

qum isau qoir kvn isau jorih ]1] rhwau ]
thum sio thor kuvun sio jorehi
For, if I were to break with You, with whom would I then join? ||1||Pause||

jau qum dIvrw qau hm bwqI ]
jo thum dheevuraa tho hum baathee
If You are the lamp, then I am the wick.

jau qum qIrQ qau hm jwqI ]2]
jo thum theeruth tho hum jaathee
If You are the sacred place of pilgrimage, then I am the pilgrim. ||2||

swcI pRIiq hm qum isau jorI ]
saachee preeth hum thum sio joree
I am joined in true love with You, Lord.

qum isau joir Avr sMig qorI ]3]
thum sio jor avur sung thoree
I am joined with You, and I have broken with all others. ||3||

jh jh jwau qhw qyrI syvw ]
jeh jeh jaao thehaa thaeree saevaa
Wherever I go, there I serve You.

qum so Twkuru Aauru n dyvw ]4]
thum so thaakur aour n dhaevaa
There is no other Lord Master than You, O Divine Lord. ||4||

qumry Bjn ktih jm PWsw ]
thumurae bhujun kuttehi jum faasaa
Meditating, vibrating upon You, the noose of death is cut away.

Bgiq hyq gwvY rivdwsw ]5]5]
bhugath haeth gaavai ravidhaasaa
To attain devotional worship, Ravi Daas sings to You, Lord. ||5||5||

Also, check the video underneath (today's a long post day, lol).... For more info: General@SikhSpeak.Com

Immortality (Courtesy AkaalMedia.Blogspot.Com)
A cool video of Amrit Sanchaar...looking good for the Sikhnet film festival

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