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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Hemkunt Sahib Pt 2 [Pt 1 Below]


Got up at some Godly hour, probably 4am and set off on our journey. This is funny, all through going up towards the mountains and on the sides of the roads there are these really funny boards, for some reason (probably cos we found them funny) we all remember them, they were like “if you love her you will slow down,” and “drive slow if you care,” point being they were SOOOOOOO corny and just made us laugh – you get the idea. Some time passed, and we reached the 1st Gurdwara on the way to Hemkunt…Gobind Dham (I think) we set off I think it was 12Km walk to the next Gurdwara and nearest to Hemkunt – Gobind Ghat. We reached there pretty late at night and so again rested. One problem I have is that they know so many people are going to come WHY DON’T THEY HAVE DECENT FACILITIES – I WOULD ADVISE anyone going to Hemkunt to just rent out a hotel room, or something. I’m not a fussy person BUT the facilities were simply DISGUSTING! Anyhow rant over…moving on, we set off for the trip we arrived early 0400 as the river Ganges woke us up (believe it’s loud at 80mph).

We crossed the 1st bridge and my mum gave us all some glucose sweets (why, I don’t know, but she did). The funniest thing was my brother ‘Ravi Sidhu’ decided he would finish them all in 4minutes, basically, we took the mick out of him all through the route. So, we carried on walking and soon I was alone at the front with no one behind me…so I carried on walking and walking. At about 0900, I got a bit scared and so just chilled on some bit of rock and admired the beautiful view. It was a bit foggy, but the range is brilliant – you can see so much! The locals were all sort of looking at me a bit funny, I don’t know why, or maybe that was my paranoia. Although, about a week ago there had been some trouble with some Delhi Singhs slapping a local and basically the locals ran riot! So, I waited and waited and waited some more…at like 11am my taiya bopped up the hill (I have to admit I was pretty happy to see him, I was just thinking Singh lost in the Himalayas, lol). So, we met up at the next “dhaba” type thing and had some Cha (tea) BOY I LOVE ME MASALA CHA!

Dad his sisters and my cousins all met up too. Then Dad had a brainwave, he decided to rent out horses (I wasn’t best pleased cos I wanted to walk) but Dad decided it would save a day and that we could visit other Gurdwaras – I RELUCTANTLY agreed. So, there we were on these horses, I must have had the lame one cos it was going all over the shop….right to left to right….. I was pretty annoyed and a bit anxious. It was at this point I had the mother of all headaches and it just didn’t go away, to make it worse it started raining pretty heavily. The local native was pretty annoying cos he kept going on about Madhuri Dixit. My bro Ravi Sidhu (this is his alias name by the way) also had a stupid horse, in fact, he just kept saying “Waheguru” all the way he was so scared. So, there I was wet, horse, tired, anxious, and annoyed and my memory card (for me camera falls and horse breaks it – GREAT!), muddy floor and all….So we plodded along…..

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Aug 15, 06:49:00 pm 2006:
RAVI SIDHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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