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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Hemkunt Sahib Pt 3 [Pt 1/2 Below]


It was here I feel (I don’t wanna sound all cliché) but my life’s most pivotal event happened. I was thinking, as you do, “you haven’t come to India in 10 years and you spent 5 days going to Hemkunt Sahib, next time I come, I don’t think I will come to Hemkunt.” No sooner did I think this, my horse went over the cliff! Doesn’t sound all that, it was an altitude of about 10,000ft! Basically, I would have been SPLAT! Can you believe that on that exact spot where the horse went over, there was a tree, the horse fell in the tree and my left leg was attached to the saddle. At that point, I didn’t know what to think, I was pretty sorry

Told my mum what had happened, she was pretty upset, told my dad, his response was “koi nahin.” So we finally got to Hemkunt, COLD! We did ishnaan, BELIEVE THE WATER WAS COLD!!!!!! Tried to do 5 pauris of Japji sahib got as far as the mool mantra. IT WAS REALLY COLD! We also sat inside the Gurdwara looked around and also just visited the Lakshman Temple (next door). We had some tea, IT TASTED GOOD! And then we were on our way back, the oxygen is so little, it’s really, really hard to breath (that’s not an exaggeration). So, the trip down was pretty uneventful, lol. Apart from the fact it got dark pretty quick and we were walking in the dark – we really couldn’t see ANYTHING! Lucky, we had some locals helping. We met one chardi kalaa baba (from India), he just kept us entertained. I think secretly, he was quite happy to see “foreign” Singhs that looked like Singhs.

So, after the night rest at the Gurdwara we set back towards Panjab. Could anything else happen, YOU BET! We got stuck in a landslide – 8hours in the HEAT on a roadside, obviously no food, no drink and no toilets. So what were we given? CUCUMBERS! That’s right cucumbers! People are funny in India. I gotta admit they kept us going, 8 hours later the army came and blew up the boulders with dynamite, finally, the trip home. I still had my headache, temperature and was sick all over the shop. As soon, as we left the mountain area…I was ok! On the way back I remember 2 events; just when you thought the fun had stopped. 1) A Singh (with a pug) being a barber?!?!?! EY? Exactly!

2) When driving through UP some Sikhs (from Delhi, you know this from their number plates on their jeeps) had slapped some locals (for whatever reason) and so were carted off.

We got back to Panjab, and it was nice. All the previous few days seemed a bit surreal to me, kinda hard to take it in, so much happened to me personally. Anyhow, I learnt a bit about the history, the place was pretty cool. I didn’t go there as a “pilgrimage” cos as Sikhs we don’t believe in that or not supposed to, but visiting Hemkunt Sahib was a bit like a once in a lifetime opportunity and the trekking was also pretty cool! The point of this post…there isn’t one really. Just thought I’d share my lil trip…hope you enjoyed, Check Google for Hemkunt sources…. I know ITS ONE LONG RAMBLING!

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