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Monday, August 14, 2006
My Trip To Hemkunt Sahib Pt 1

Over the next few days (because it's a long story) I will bring to you my travels to Hemkunt Sahib in 2003. It was pretty eventful, for me at least......

In the summer of 2003, I had finished my 1st year of medical school and passed, it was a miracle. None the less, I was both apprehensive and excited; I was going back to Panjab (after 10 years). Anyhow, before we left from here (London), my family and I were talking and we discussed how we’d all like to go to Hemkunt Sahib (and get in as many Gurdwaras in the short time we were in India). Basically, it was 2 weeks of Gurdwara tripping – which was well cool but extremely TIRING!

So, one early Monday morning (I think it was around 0300, that’s AM for those that don’t know, lol) we set off towards Hemkunt Sahib. There were 2 jeeps full of peeps, namely, my mum, dad, me and my 3 brothers – kinda exciting, a bit like venturing into the unknown. We stopped via Harmandir Sahib first which was nice.

Boy, if you think the trip to Birmingham is LONG this takes the biscuit – lol. We got to Chandigarh after 3ish hours and passed Pizza Hut, I’m mentioning this as this was pretty much the highlight of going through Panjab. Anyhow, to cut the route a bit short we were EXTREMLY BORED and cooped up in August, the weather was crazy! We stopped for drinks every 1hourish, and at the time there was some “eye flu” thing going on in India so some family members had constant running eyes, you get the idea. For some reason, everyone in India thinks the cure for EVERYTHING is Limca (Sprite/ 7-Up wannabe). Gotta admit it’s pretty refreshing though. So, we plodded along in these jeeps (which the drivers couldn’t drive…standard Indian driving). We thanked God about a million times when we ventured through to Sri Nagar and were getting closer to our destination. I can’t remember properly (as it was 3 years ago) but we stayed at a Gurdwara here, for the night and just kipped on the floor, it was cold, hard BUT AT THAT POINT WE DIDN’T CARE, WE WERE SO TIRED! My phuffar (dad’s sister’s husband) brought us some Sholay and Puris (as the Gurdwara stopped serving Langar as it was passed 9pm? This was a definite first for me) – anyhow, next day…..

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