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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
New Day...New Post [Updated]

Gurfateh everybody, hope all is well, wherever you are! I have been a bit of a demon on youtube and google video recently found lot's of random/funny and some inspirational things! (I might post some of the vids tomorrow). For now, I thought I'd share something about Kirtaan, a really nice poster for y'all to print out and enjoy! There's some real nice kirtaan available from and, for those of you who don't know.

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On that note, I'll leave you guys, remember for the Westsiders (UK); The Alice Way Gurdwara Session is TONIGHT! Take your lil brothers and sisters etc. Miss it, Miss out!

UPDATE: I couldn't leave it at that...after England's 1st Test win since the ashes, the English papers have been raving about Monty Panesar, thought I'd add my bit, and how Monty is raising the profile (Article in August NL) for Sikhs here. Not only is he consistently taking wickets (of big players) but in the UK he is now FAVOURITE, yes, FAVOURITE to take the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (".) He is fast becoming a cult hero, the best part - HE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A SIKH! Now all we need is a football player (Soccer for the Americans).

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