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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Tuesday's Ramblings

If you live in the UK (or don't), you may have been reading about certain events taking place regarding and outside of a certain Sikhi Camp. As, we here at SikhSpeak don't have any facts, we didn't want to speculate, hence heaven't said anything (in reply to 3 e-mails received). God bless all!

Today, is another Tuesday! Nothing really interesting to put up, so just putting up the SikhiWiki.Org entry for SikhSpeak we did. Search for "SikhSpeak." Other than that we have now sorted out online donations on SikhSpeak.Com so feel free to donate (or not). Trasnfering over to the blog soon, no doubt. Also, more coming with the kids page, I have some pictures, that I can put up in due course. Remember, spread the SikhSpeak word, we have had enormous help from certain websites, thank you for everything we get! More tomorrow, God Willing.... Gurfateh!

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It would be great to collaborate together by linking the 2 weekly podcast Sikhwithin.

Independant ajudicators maybe one way of ensuring that camps are run well.

Yup, not a bad idea for the camps...

E-Mail me and we can discuss helping one another - always eager to work together! (".)


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