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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Anokhe Amar Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

The above film (costing 2.5 Karore) is the most expensive Sikh film ever (mind you that's not saying alot). The film is about the life and 2 major battles of Baba Deep Singh Ji, with playback and the score from esteemed (Bollywood) musicians.

The film, itself is a great look at Baba Deep Singh Ji, his life, and what he stood for...although there is some pretty ordinary acting and some pretty naff fight scenes (i.e. they don't touch each other) on the whole this was by no means a poor effort - in fact, to the contrary quite impressive. A long way to go...but a start in the right direction, can't wait for more Sikh related films (we badly need them). VCDs/DVDs are due to be released in a few months. This film (to my knowledge is playing in India, USA, Canada and the UK. I recommend this film - SO GO SUPPORT!

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