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Sunday, October 01, 2006
SikhSpeak 1st ISSUE - READY!!!!!!

That's right, I know we have been updating few and far between, but we do care! We have been getting everything ready for the first issue of the magazine (see front cover below). We are excited about it, and are happy with the final outcome. We are hoping in the coming months, as more people receive and become part of the mailing list, more and more people will contribute! This is a global iniative let's make it a Chardi Kalaa success! Tell ya mates NOW! Remember, only those on the mailing list will have access to the mag!


The Cover will change every month, something fresh and new!

by SikhSpeak @ 10:41 am comments: 6



Can't WAIT to get the first issue!

Great job, you guys ^_^


I was just wondering if the first issue has been sent out yet?


Gurfateh Ji Mr Singh!

The 1st issue is ready...hoping to send out in the coming week (it's just getting checked/edited) ALL DONE THOUGH!

it's done - it's done??!!

^_^ Oooh, can't wait to get it!

it's done - it's done??!!

^_^ Oooh, can't wait to get it!

Patience young one - all will be revealed, lol - Master Yoda!

Hope you enjoy it, we have tried to make it for everyone, and busted a nut making it look nice (",)

All in his grace....


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